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It’s been quite a couple years for cool Springs Nursery! We continue to deliver superlative product and tireless customer service to ensure our customers, and their customers, have a Merry Christmas.
These past two years held some special opportunities and exciting achievements for our family farm.  Beginning August 2011 when we entered the annual North Carolina Christmas Tree Association Competition.  We entered all three events including: Best Fraser Fir, Best Undecorated Wreath and Best Decorated Wreath.  It was a clean sweep!  First Place in all 3 events!  This had never been accomplished by a grower in North Carolina.  We were given the honor of providing NC Governor Beerly Purdue with trees and wreaths.  In October 2011 we received a call asking us to provide Triffany&Co. With our award-winning greener to be displayed in their Famous Fifth Avenue store windows.  It was quite the honor and we happily acquiesced.
This past August we traveled to Sacramento, CA for the National Christmas Tree Association competition.  Winning at the state level qualifies you to enter the National event the following year.  We  won 1st place in the Fir Category and 2nd Overall.  We also took 2nd overall for our Undecorated Wreath and 3rd for our Decorated Wreath.  We were given the honor to present Vice President Joe Biden with a a Beautiful Cool Springs Nursery Fraser Fir Tree this last  December ( He also picked one of our trees for his personal house from one of our customers!)   So it has been an exciting year for Cool Springs and we are looking forward to this 2013 Season!!

Wholesale North Carolina Christmas Trees in Boone NC

Getting Started

In the spring of 1980, brothers Mark and Paul Smith planted their first Fraser Fir Christmas trees on two acres near their parents’ house.  Their goal was to grow perfect Christmas trees for their friends and family.  Now, over 30 years later, those two acres have grown into over 600 acres, and their customer base has changed somewhat.  What has not changed is their commitment to growing and delivering Premium trees.

The Art and the Science

To Mark and Paul, growing perfect Christmas trees is as much an art as it is a science.  Each tree must be trimmed, sheared, and essentially sculpted each year of its life.  Paul often compares the sculpting of a Christmas tree to the careful and thoughtful trimming of a bonsai tree.  Each cut and each snip is done with the future growth and ultimate shape of the tree in mind.

The science behind growing was what initially attracted Mark and Paul to growing Christmas trees. Both graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with Chemistry degrees, so they understand the process literally from the ground up.  The soil is inarguably the most important part of growing dense, beautiful trees with deep color and aroma.  Their attention to the nutrient and pH balance of the soil is tireless, as is their effort to most cost effectively manipulate those variables.

“Location, Location, Location”

Just like any business, its all about “location, location, location.”  Nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina, Cool Springs Nursery raises their Fraser Firs in their only native habitat, only miles from the native seed source.  They simply do not grow as well anywhere else.

Growing is one thing…

Mark and Paul are proud of their fields of beautiful NC Fraser Fir Christmas trees.  But they are not satisfied unless each tree is a fresh as it was when it left the field when it is finally taken home and decorated. Cool Springs Nursery has developed a reputation for consistent quality, on time delivery, accurate counts, generous height, and tireless customer service.  Mark and Paul know that their success depends on the success of their customers, so they take their satisfaction seriously.


To ensure the fruits of their labor are delivered fresh and on time Mark and Paul takes things in their own hands. They spend countless hours negotiating with trucking companies and brokers in order to secure reliable service at the lowest possible price.  For customers that order less than a truck load, Cool Springs Nursery will arrange for you to share a truck with other customers in your area.  This maximizes the efficiency and decreases the shipping costs.  For international customers, Cool Springs Nursery has many years of experience shipping trees abroad.  This, however, is not an easy process.  It involves special treatment to the trees before and after harvesting and certain documentation must be obtained.  Mark and Paul have extensive experience and knowledge in this area and will help you through each step ensuring that your trees arrive fresh and in a timely manner.