banner_bgThere are definitely fantastic situations where a new lot will sell a tractor trailer of Fraser Fir trees (approximately 550-700) their first year in business. But if you are just setting up on a commercial lot and you have not been doing business or if any of the questions posed above is negative then you want to error on the side of being cautious.

In questionable new first situations we suggest 50-100 Fraser Fir trees. In good first year new situations we recommend 150-250. In a fantastic first year situation we recommend 250-350. Running out of trees is a much better situation than having trees left over. You can often purchase more Fraser Fir trees late in the season from someone even if you have to travel to pick them up. We will of course sell you what you feel you want and need these are just general rules that may or may not work in your situation.

Typically, to break even the first year you must sell 70% of your trees. Your cost is less every year after this because you have purchased all the materials that you need to set up a lot. Your sales should also increase as you become known.

We would highly recommend partnering with a strong nonprofit organization in your community with people that will support your effort.