Cool Springs Nursery (CSN) spends countless hours negotiating with trucking companies and brokers in order to secure reliable service at the lowest possible price.  For customers that order less than a truck load, Cool Springs Nursery will arrange for you to share a truck with other customers in your area.  CSN does split loads almost everywhere on the east coast, Texas and west to Memphis.  This maximizes the efficiency and decreases the shipping costs.

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shippingInternational Shipping

Cool Springs Nursery has many years of experience shipping wholesale Christmas trees internationally. This is not an easy process.

First, it involves knowing how inland and ocean freight works and then having the contacts to navigate this process efficiently and economically. Cool Springs has all this experience and knowledge.

Second, we know how to transfer and even extend credit internationally. This helps a lot when an international buyer has a market and wants to buy a lot of trees but does not have the cash to pay upfront for the trees. We can solve this problem with our banking partners.

Third, we know the ins and outs of putting trees in refeers and how to keep them fresh for weeks of international travel. There are some tricks and secrets that can make the difference between getting the product there fresh.

Fourth, we are very familiar with how to handle special situations involving import permits and special fidos which can make the difference between a successful delivery or not.

Finally, we ship exactly the same high quality product internationally that we do domestically. Your customers will be thrilled with the quality of Cool Springs Nursery.

Bottom Line: Call Cool Springs Nursery for all your international shipping needs. We ship anywhere in the world from South America, the Caribbean, Central America and to the Middle East.