6-7+#2Mission trips, humanitarian projects, civic projects and evangelistic efforts can all be financed partially by fundraising with North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas trees, wreaths and greenery items fundraisers.  Other large organizations that benefit a lot are civic groups, such as, Civitans, Junior League, Kiwanis, Boy Scouts, and school groups such as school Bands and high school athletic teams.   Large churches, be they Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, etc. benefit the most because their members want to support their church and the project. We can get you in touch with organizations like yours who are already doing Christmas tree and wreath fundraising with great success.  We have Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Civitans, Boy Scouts and high school Football teams raising funds for their missions, the team and other endeavors using Fraser Fir Christmas trees.

 The one key factor that will make the Fraser Fir Christmas tree and wreath fundraiser a success is that your organization must have a large constituency, that is, it must have a lot of people who want to support your group and see you succeed to the point that they are willing to change their buying habits and buy from your organization.  This will not happen overnight but as they see from year to year the quality and the beauty of Cool Springs Fraser Fir Christmas trees and wreaths, they will be won over.    Over time your Christmas Tree fundraiser and fundraising using Fraser Fir Christmas trees and wreaths will reap great rewards and profits.

Why use Fraser Fir Christmas trees versus other species?  You may have people who will say, “Why don’t you sell White Pine, Douglas Fir, and Scotch Pine?”  So why not?  The primary reason would be that Fraser Fir is hands down the most popular tree on the east coast. From Massachusetts to Florida, we have lots of customers who have transitioned from selling many varieties to selling only Fraser Fir and many more that are seriously considering selling Fraser Fir only.  The reason for selling Fraser Fir are the benefits of Fraser Fir over other species; these benefits include:

·         Well cared for Fraser Firs trees are drop dead gorgeous

·         It is a classic tree in color and shape

·         The Fraser Fir lasts longer (we have had customers who have kept their tree up until June),  

·         Because the Fraser Fir retains its moisture better than other trees, it doesn’t drop its needles

·         Unlike some species, the Fraser Fir is pliable and soft to the touch

·         Fraser Fir has a great smell. 

The bottom line is that you will have a very small number of people who want a different species but they might not even show up or buy.  Why not keep it simple and buy what everyone loves? All that being said, although we don’t grow other species, we have added a few other species to our inventory. We have gotten the best of each species from all around the country.

You may be saying, “I have a small organization; how can I benefit from Christmas tree fundraising?”  You can join together with other organizations.  For instance small church youth groups can do an “All Town Youth Group Christmas Tree Lot”.  Small scout troops can join other troops and do a “Boy Scout Council Christmas Tree Lot” or a “Girl Scout Council Christmas Tree Lot and Fundraiser for Kids”(or for any cause that you want to support). 

The benefits of approaching Christmas tree, wreath and greenery fundraising in this manner allows you to pre-sell a lot of trees. It also provides a huge number of volunteers (if you have everybody on board with the project). The visibility and the marketing will be huge with the bottom line is that your cooperative effort will raise a lot of money.

Does this mean that a small group cannot do fundraising using Christmas trees?  If you are patient and smart you can still do it.  Do not try to do a lot.  Work hard on pre-selling and then bring the Christmas trees and wreaths in for a Saturday pick up, usually the weekend after Thanksgiving week.  This can grow over time as your organization works hard and becomes known for their perfect Fraser Fir Christmas trees and wreaths.  We have a soccer association that brings in 250 trees to Atlanta every year; everyone picks up their trees in a two hour period.  All the work is in the pre-selling.  Good luck!